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The process with Syndicate Profile is easy - Investors gain access to exclusive real estate opportunities - Sponsors gain access to unlimited funding for their projects - Partners grow their business by accessing new clients!
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We offer our investors a secure platform from which to select the exact geography and asset class of properties that fit their portfolio and risk tolerance.

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We offer our sponsors a non-bank means of finding the equity they need to complete their projects and help their communities thrive whether they’re developing or renovating, or whether they’re focused on commercial or residential properties.


We offer our partners a unique and exclusive source of generating new business and revenue. Our partners have a first look opportunity at quoting our various real estate projects - delivering our sponsors the best price and you a dedicated sourcing channel.

$ 4 Million


Funded 4 Million in preferred and common equity investments.

14% - 98%


Earned investors an average 42.00% IRR on completed projects.



Maintained a 0% investor principal loss.

$ 6 Million


Already returned 6 million of investor investor principal.

How does Syndicate Profile work?

It's a three step process to Invest

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Syndicate Profile is accessible by invitation only. Requesting access takes less than 5 minutes - If you qualify, you'll gain access to exclusive investment opportunities.



After gaining access, browse investments. We offer a variety of asset types, locations, and targeted returns. You'll be able to link a bank account and have full transparency into our underwriting and management processes.


Earn & Monitor

After making your investment, you'll be able to monitor construction progress, leasing, financials, and much more. Our platform is a fully integrated management software as well - giving you full transparency into daily activity.


Access Syndicate

We hold our partners to a high standard. If you pass our screening process, you'll be gaining access to unlimited sources of equity capital - enabling you to scale your development business.


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You'll gain access to a digital platform where you can submit your projects, raise capital, manage your project and track updates all at the click of a button.


Updates & Reports

Our software is fully integrated with our investment community. You'll provide us with quarterly updates and we'll do the rest. We focus on managing the investors so you can focus on the project.

Syndicate Profile Investment Opportunities

Syndicate’s portfolio holds an expansive array of real estate development interests. We invest across the country so our sponsors can transact with peace of mind, knowing their partner is behind them whether they’re transacting in New York, Maryland, California, Florida, Texas or any one of our other covered territories.

Find Opportunities

Syndicate Profile is lead by a team of real estate veterans with deep ties and relationships in the real estate industry. We use our expertise and connections to source all types of real estate opportunities, spanning multiple states, asset classes and structures. If your appetite is for preferred equity or common equity, whether as an investor or a sponsor, Syndicate can smoothly accommodate both you and your needs.

Asset Classes

  • MULTI - FAMILY   5.18%
  • RESIDENTIAL  86.06%
  • COMMERCIAL  3.19%
  • LAND  5.58%

Syndicate focuses on a broad array of real estate asset classes, covering residential, multifamily, mixed use, retail, office and industrial properties. We also cover all development phases from land to ground up construction & rehab.

Project Structures

  • COMMON EQUITY  99.15%

Syndicate functions mainly as an equity partner, using a wide range of preferred and common equity structures to facilitate our sponsor transactions. Whether you're seeking more downside protection or looking towards the future for upside potential, Syndicate is the perfect platform to accommodate both our investor and sponsor needs.



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