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Most of us, if we’re lucky, get to invest in one real estate property at a time – the one we live in.

Even so, many of us dream of more. We see an apartment building or retail space in a neighborhood that we know will be worth a fortune one month after the first art gallery or Kona Coffee Shop moves in. Or we hear about an opportunity in another town but can’t find the time to inspect the site. Or we learn of a great investment opportunity but the minimum buy-in costs more than we have saved.

At Syndicate Profile, we’ve experienced all of this.

It’s frustrating.It’s cruel.

And, in the Digital Era, it’s completely unnecessary.

That sense of injustice served as our inspiration. So we challenged ourselves to grant everyday investors a marketplace that would lower the barrier to entry to join in on the rewarding world of real estate development.

Allen Shayanfekr, Radni Davoodi & Raymond Y. Davoodi

Two of our founders, Radni Davoodi & Raymond Y. Davoodi, began their careers in real estate by launching a tiny insurance company almost 20 years ago, slowly growing and nurturing the business until it eventually provided a full suite of real estate solutions on a national level.

30 years

It yielded an unparalleled sponsor acquisition database of developers, speculators, attorneys, lenders, and more. Allen Shayanfekr, our co-founder, joined Radni Davoodi and Raymond Y. Davoodi in 2013. After compiling a vast network of investors and sponsors, Allen and the team saw crowdfunding as the business’s next evolutionary step.

March 2018

We officially launched our first syndication company (Sharestates) in February of 2015. Since then, we have gone on to complete Private Regulation D offerings as well as a Public Regulation A offering - all culminating in the official launch of our equity platform - Syndicate Profile.

$10 billion

Together as a team, we have overseen more than $10 billion worth of real estate transactions. It took hard work and dogged determination, but we can now call ourselves a successful lending platform with a solid track record for backing worthy projects for our sponsors and returning high yields to our investors.

This isn’t the end of the story. Far from it! We’re just getting to the good part. You couldn’t have timed your introduction to Syndicate Profile any better!

How we do what we do

To be an online investment platform of Syndicate's caliber, you have to do many things exceptionally well:

Thankfully - our team has experience covering each of these unique and necessary topics. From deal acquisition, to financial structuring, to an efficient and automated closing process - we cover it all!

Join Syndicate

Syndicate has a constantly updated, proprietary registry of high-quality sponsors. It relies on our deep relationships that come from our longstanding presence in the industry in addition to all the information available to less pedigreed platforms.


After a detailed review of the core project, we make sure we understand the project timeline, budget, zoning, architectural plans, and all other details from the title report. Not stopping there, we review the project market, delve into the region's demographics and trends, examine comparable sites, and learn the market values of recently appraised properties. Of course, we also vet the sponsor for experience, track record, litigation, and credit worthiness. We then score the opportunity on the 34-point matrix we developed to serve the unique requirements of Syndicate Profile sponsors and investors.


Next, we see what we can do to provide the project to the sponsor at the lowest cost of capital. We look at different instruments available, and consider contingency financing needs as well as the core project's.


We structure the deals. Then we draw up entity documents, operating agreements, investment memoranda, and initial state and federal filings.


Over the term of the project, we send photos and videos to investors in addition financial statements and distribution payments. We also ensure that documents are filed periodically with the proper tax and regulatory authorities.


None of the above matters, though, if you can't use the site. Our processes are mature but constantly improving, and we are dedicated to offering the best user experience in the industry.

We find the money, the opportunities find us

At Syndicate Profile, we offer investors direct access to real estate investments through our online marketplace - with typical net annualized returns between 12-40%. Sponsors can also gain access to capital at a competitive rate, closing a deal in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes through other means. Each of our projects are thoroughly assessed with our 34-point scoring matrix - minimizing the risk to investors and cost of capital to sponsors.

Start building your Syndicate Profile portfolio today -- one share at a time.

Executive Team

Allen Shayanfekr
Co-founder and Principal
Radni Davoodi
Co-founder and Principal
David Sakhai
Co-founder and Principal
Raymond Y. Davoodi
Co-founder and Principal

The Syndicate Profile Team

Michael Ramin
VP, Business Development
Kevin Shane
VP, Capital Markets
Alex Egan
Brand Manager
Chi Chan
Director of Accounting


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