Syndicate Profile

Individual Investors

Individual accredited investors can access a large marketplace of institutional quality equity investments that have been sourced and underwritten by industry leaders. As an individual investor, you'll be participating side-by-side with large institutions in the same quality product. You can even set up auto-invest to manage your investment strategy - delivering you peace of mind that you're never missing an opportunity.

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Institutional Investors

Syndicate Profile offers both a fractional and whole investment program for institutional investors. We’re already working with some of the country’s largest institutions and banks – with target investments north of $5 Billion. Whether you have a levered or unlevered strategy, rest assured that our platform offers a wide variety of preferred and common equity investment options. We work closely with our institutional partners to find an investment mix that’s built just for them – allowing you to focus on the bigger picture – capital raising and investor management! Join us today to find out how you can become part of our exclusive platform!

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Brokers & Buyers

Brokers and Buyers work with us regularly to find turn key investment properties before they hit the market. While many of our Sponsors opt to hold their commercial investment projects long term – they’re sellers at each phase of the project as well. We can work with you to find the right investment property and close quickly – with full transparency into the properties history, performance and capital improvements.

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How Syndicate Profile can benefit you

Did you know that real estate has historically our performed other investment classes? Every investment has it’s risks, but real estate has historically been less volatile, quicker to recover and a stronger performer – offering multiple types of benefits like rental income, passive appreciate in value, and tax shelters through depreciation.

Syndicate Profile12% - 40%
40% Complete
9.8% Complete
NAREIT Composite5.1%
5.1% Complete
S&P 50011.9%
11.9% Complete

What we do

We offer investors direct access to real estate investments through our online marketplace – with net annualized returns between 12-40%. The projects we fund help property owners and developers (aka sponsors) to close deals at a more competitive rate than traditional private equity sources, while allowing them to close deals in a fraction of the time, creating a win-win.

How we vet our deals

Crowdfunding makes it easy for anyone to build a real estate portfolio and to fund a project. Each of our projects are thoroughly assessed with our 34-point underwriting and risk assessment system – minimizing the risk of all our investment opportunities. Start building your real estate portfolio one share at a time with Syndicate Profile.

Automated Prequalification
Property Underwriting
Risk Profiling
Research on Borrower
-2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5
Capital Senior to Syndicate 0-29%
Capital Junior to Syndicate 40% +
40% +
< 10%
< 10%
Location Core Urban Markets
Quality of Market
Suburban or Secondary Urban Market
Quality of Market
Rural or Emerging Markets
Quality of Market
Occupancy High
Credit Retail Tenant or 90%+ Multifamily/Office
Non-Credit Retail Tenant Or 50-90% Multifamily/Office
Vacant (all types) or < 50% Multifamily/Office
Development Phase Stabilized
Existing asset with leases in place and cash flow
Improvement of an existing Asset
Construction of a new Asset
Sponsor Track Record 1 Billion +
Enormous, experienced, sponsor with impeccable, extensive track record
200 Million +
Large, experienced sponsor with very extensive track record
100-200 Million
Experienced sponsor with extensive track record
40-100 Million
Experienced sponsor with several completed projects
10-40 Million
Semi-experienced sponsor with a few completed projects
< 10 Million
Smaller-scale or emerging sponsor
Sponsor Experience Very Experienced
10+ previous projects in market/project phase
6-10 previous projects in market/project phase
Moderate Experience
3-5 previous projects in market/project phase
New Market or Phase
1-3 previous projects in market/project phase
No Experience
0 previous projects in market/project phase
Sponsor Credit Score Excellent
760-850 Credit Score
700-759 Credit Score
High Acceptable
680-699 Credit Score
Low Acceptable
650-679 Credit Score
620-649 Credit Score
Very Poor
550-619 Credit Score
Preferred Equity Yes

How we determine our annual yields

An investment’s Rating corresponds to its numerical score in its Project Analysis. The Project score is a quantitative method of measuring nine key risk criteria of a real estate investment. Each of the criteria is assessed and assigned a number of points, resulting in a total numerical score ranging from 0 to 25. A Project score of 8-11 will result in an A rating, 14-15 in a B+ rating and so on.

grade baseline sponsor rating adjustment net annualized return after fees
A+ 8% < 8 7% 15%
A 8% 8-11 9% 17%
A- 8% 12-13 11% 19%
B+ 8% 14-15 13% 21%
B 8% 16 15% 23%
B- 8% 17 17% 25%
C+ 8% 18 19% 27%
C 8% 19 21% 29%
C- 8% 20 23% 31%
D+ 8% 21-23 25% 33%
D 8% 24-25 27% 35%
D- 8% 25 29% 37%


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