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There's more than one way to raise capital

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Combining expert services, unique technology and custom marketing, Syndicate takes all the work out of raising capital for your next investment. From help structuring your deal, to answering investor questions, and technology support for managing investors post-close, we provide a complete investment lifecycle solution.

Raise funds with your own private portal:

Integrating a white labeled, Syndicate powered, web portal allows you to tap into the same technology powering our public marketplace to raise funds with your existing private network of investors. Your private portal allows you invite existing or new investors to view your offerings, automate the transaction process, easily raise funds online, and increase deal flow. Your investors will even be able to see real time data of your property details - like which units are vacant, leased, and even which ones are behind on their payments.

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Publishing Platform

Create beautiful online webpages for each offering with offering specific information, tables, videos and documents.

Share Your Offerings

Invite existing or new investors, friends and family to privately view offerings and securely access offering documents in your personally branded portal.

Engage Investors

Engage your investors by sharing your offerings with simple email campaigns and track whether your messages have been received.

Automated Transaction Process

Your portal provides you an automated transaction process - allowing your investors to lock their positions, execute investment documents, and track their distributions online.

Tenant Management

Log your tenants into the system - allowing them to pay rent, sign leases and submit work orders online. You can even add a database of vendors to automate your property maintenance.

Engage Investors

Property management and investor management now go hand in hand - your investors can see in real time when tenants make rental payments, sign leases, or when a unit is listed.

Investor Reporting

Arguably, the most important aspect of building an investor network is regular reporting and transparency. When publishing your offerings - you'll make projections as to how you believe your investment opportunity will perform. Now - your investors can see actual vs. projected results within their investor dashboard - giving them peace of mind as to how your and the investment are performing.

Construction Reporting

Your investors can now see side by side comparisons of projected renovation/construction budgets vs. actual performance. Giving them greater transparency and notice if a capital call could be on the way.

Income/Expense Reporting

Once construction is complete, your investors will want to see how your actual income/expense performance compares to your original projections. Their dashboard will show a year over year side by side comparison!



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